Monday, 20 June 2011

No Change

I decided to check a newspaper website from home. Things haven't got any better while I've been away:

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mobile Mistakes

I've had intermittent access to the internet, as well as intermittent access to newspapers, and as a result I've been rather absent from Absent Proof of late. Here are some errors I've picked up over the last two days though, having shelled out 3 euros and 60 euro-centimes for each newspaper (a Guardian and a British Daily Telegraph), which is about 5 dollars Australian per newspaper. At that price, they should be silver plated, and they definitely should not contain any errors. Fat chance.

1. ' Atlanta'?

 2. The article's heading was 'Global Weirding', but I don't think it was supposed to refer to the grammar it contained ('the blame is being out on', 'Queeeensland' twice):

3. 'complaints of' what 'about smell':
 4. If the doctors are as hopeless as the sub-editors, it's not surprising negligence claims are rising in the NHS ('payments are rising because are "high value"'?)