Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sunday, 7 October 2012

More Sloppiness

1. What are 'realtions'?

2. Apostrophe missing

3. Too many apostrophes

4. Why are you asking me? Is this a statement or isn't it?

5. Was it just any old lynch mob or was it the mother of all lynch mobs?

6. As long as she wasn't unlawyerly, I'm not bothered.

7. 'fewer' and 'less' - should I stop worrying about these? Is it all too late?

8. I'm confused - whose home? Mr Shorten's or Mr Chifley's?

9. It's funny the word 'turgidity' features in a sentence that is itself turgid - 'with more conviction and in a manner more free from ...' might work instead.

10. Should this be 'One side just can't sit there and SAY no'?

11. ' we to need wonder no more'?

12. The sentence beginning 'And the contribution ...' seems to have lost a bit of itself. I don't love the phrase 'the variety of views put forwards was done in a way that we all should be proud of' either - can you 'do' a 'variety of views put forwards'?

13. Australia also comes 201th in capacity to use ordinal numbers.

14. Luckily our strength doesn't appear to depend on coherence either. Although it 'could also could' do.

15. The important thing is not what Tony Abbot is suggesting; the man who may have power is called Tony Abbott

16. So speedy that we can dispense with the odd word, in order to hurry things along.

17. In this piece though, the odd word has been inserted for no apparent reason.

18. If Mr Romney's wife and his son have had children together, isn't that called incest?


The word 'damaged' in this caption seems inadequate somehow:

We Put Them in the Toaster

That's how they got singed: