Saturday, 26 January 2013

Nixon's Cellulite

Thank you to George for pointing me in the very disgusting direction of an image of Richard Nixon wrapped in cling-film in a desperate bid to lose a few inches off his rear:

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Now I Understand

I thought Victoria's Premier, Mr Baillieu, was unpopular for doing too little, but this suggests he is actually hugely overdoing things - surely it is up to individuals to look after their ageing cars:

Hometown Patriotism

I love the boosterism of this headline from the SMH:

A closer look reveals that Sydney is really doing pretty badly pricewise. A 1.5 percent rise looks pretty shabby compared to the 'bar one' 8.9 per cent rise enjoyed by Darwin - but, of course, Sydney is still nearly the best:

Apostrophe Alert

How on earth did this happen? The phrase is so hard to make sense of and so many people must have looked at the thing before it was sent to print - and yet still it got through:

Headline Failure

The Canberra Chronicle sub-editor who chose the heading '5 fun things to do this week' for a column that includes item No. 3 has a funny idea of 'fun':

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Soffrito, a delicious Ligurian memoir, is a lovely book by David Dale. Lovely though it is, every time I see this caption in it, I think, 'That could have been phrased better - thirty years is a very long time to be keeping the same food':

 Nevertheless, a lot is forgiveable in a book that teaches you how to make things as wonderful as this dish: