Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's the New Black

Birght red, there's nothing quite like it, if you've got the colouring:

Sunday, 3 June 2012


I know it's silly, but my irritation about typos is sometimes visceral too:

It's Everywhere

The Spectator has a bob each way on 'is' and 'has':

Get a Life

What does it matter if the verb and the subject don't agree:

So Fussy

Singular, plural, I mean, who cares:

Definitely Indefinite

When in doubt, throw both articles in, why not:

and throw in a definite article where it isn't needed too, if you feel like it:
While we're at it, what's one 'of' between friends:
After all, if it's left out in one context, it can always be hurled in randomly in another:

The Cause of True Love

I think the word should be 'cause', not 'course', but really half the reason I'm putting this in is in order to highlight the context it comes from - Richard Glover's column in this weekend's SMH. It's worth a read, if you want a laugh or two:


The AFR hasn't even outsourced to New Zealand, but they're already having trouble distinguishing between 'principle' and 'principal':