Monday, 25 July 2011

Come Again?

Are there separate measures for Ms Gillard's performance and for herself as a person or am I missing something: 'satisfaction with her performance moved from 30 to 32 ... satisfaction with Ms Gillard remains unchanged at 59'?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I Feel So Provincial

In Canberra, we're barely up to providing decent restaurants, while those smarty-pant Londoners have moved on to something much more "high concept":
I want a reaturant, and I want it now.

Why Waste the Money?

The Independent saves Julia Gillard the expense of a wedding:

This Has Got to Stop

This error is becoming ubiquitous:

Workmen and their Tools

Happy Plonk

I've never been complimented by a plum but a strawberry once told me my hair looked nice:

Goo Goo Gah Gah

Peter Beattie may be going bald, but there's no need to use baby language with him - he's not quite in his dotage ("Ooh, Mr ex-Premier, duz oo still think you done a good thing?":

Will it Be Able to Write a Good Sentence Though?

They Were Away Learning Word Order

Beyond Editing

Sometimes it's the material that's to blame and not the sub-editor. On those occasions, there's nothing you can do, except put the words on the paper:

Breathless Excitement

Personally, the prospect of a meal with Amanda Rishworth would not make me so flustered I began to repeat my words:

Rather Stupid

There is a 'than' missing:

May Week Was in July

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Tomorrow, after weeks of waiting, Australia will finally discover what lies in store in the government's proposed legislation to impose 'a price on carbon.' Today, the current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is going to give a speech at a conference of her party, and, in this morning's Sydney Morning Herald, Philip Coorey speculates on what her speech will contain. What worries me is that, judging by his reporting, she is still uncertain herself about the exact terms of the deal - or could it be that a sub has wrongly added the quotation marks and the last line in this paragraph:
"It is to be expected the fuel exemptions for motorists will be extended"? Doesn't she know for sure?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Correct Procedures



The Australian's free magazine Wish is obsessed with style, but not with spelling:
Drinkng - it's the new drinking.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

They, It, Us, Whatever

The Australian Financial Review gets over-excited:

It is Pretty Freezing

The Australian Financial Review is feeling the cold:

Print Stutter

The Financial Times decides to emphasise the definite article:

Recipe for Perfection

Tyler Brulee gave us his thoughts on how to make perfect cities in the Financial Times. Perfect written English in all publications available in those cities would round off the picture for me:

For Heaven's Sake

The 'New Review' section of the Observer cannot even spell basic literary terms:

Tell us Everything

Was he being treated, and therefore his indiscretions have to be forgiven, or was he a heartless bastard, playing around while she was going through hell? The story is ruined by a missing pronoun:

More Verbal Confusion

Like the Guardian,  in its report on a party at the Freud Museum, the Telegraph seems to be finding verbs a bit tricky:

Freudian Slip

No doubt the great man would have something to say about a missing 'had':
(What a horrific occasion the whole thing sounds.)