Thursday, 28 February 2013

Now Then

'Than' might be a more appropriate word than 'then':

Letting Off Steam

This is completely off the point. There is nothing wrong with the subbing on this item. I just want to say how much I loathe this series of advertisements:
I mean, just, eurgh.

While on the subject of advertisements, I find this one endearingly unlikely to be believed by anybody:
It reminds me of the large noticeboard as you drive into Harden in New South Wales. Underneath the heading, 'Upcoming Events in Harden', the display, each time I've gone past it, has contained absolutely nothing at all.

Ordinals and Cardinals

I think some of the adults who did not complete Year 12 may have been involved in producing this newspaper item:

A Bed, a Bottle and a Private Gym

Wow, that is quite some room:

No Room For the In

In comedies, she's been in a revelation, but we aren't told what kind:

Something Missing

I suppose it's possible that a company is really called 'oOh!' and that its CEO is really called 'Brendon', but there is no chance at all that an 'of' isn't needed in there somewhere:

Such a Worry

The prospects for the ALP appear so grim to Graham Richardson that he has lost the ability to write good English:


'Either' seems to be such a stumbling block for people. This sentence would be okay if it were written thus: ' particularly appealing either to her or for the party.' That is, the 'either' should be placed before the first preposition, otherwise it cannot encompass the second, if that makes any sense:

Maralinga Dreaming

Maybe it's just me but these two statements seem mutually contradictory:

Surround Sound Around

I suppose I'm only adding to the negativity surrounding around artists by pointing out that 'surrounding around' doesn't make sense:

She Said, He Said

What does 'to go to' mean? What does 'it season starts' mean?

Spellcheck Goes Missing

It just seems so odd in this day and age to misspell something in an editorial, but surely 'venomous' only has one 'e':


It does seem to me that, when choosing a web name, it's always wise to avoid the word 'fart' forming in the readers' minds:
If they'd just changed the word order -, perhaps - it would have freed that hidden fart.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

If Only I Had a Sick Fledging

It's good to know there's someone out there who could help me, though, should I ever need that kind of assistance:

I Wonder Who the Letter Was From

Possibly the gas company:

Those Two Are Special

You like your grandchildren, of course, but there's no doubt about it - grandkids top the bill:

The Third Person Is a Ghost Presumably

It's Actually Very Hard to See What's Wrong with This

Nonetheless, it is the job of those who put together a newspaper to ensure that someone does notice the error and remove it before the paying readers get hold of it:

In the Year Twenty Two Twenty Two

Or something like that:

Australia Is Another Land of Migration

But it is also a land where even the people who write the newspapers don't know the difference between a singular and a plural:

I Use My Hands for Waving

The ALP uses membership rules:

I'm Glad My Mother Wasn't a Nudist

The Australian Women's Weekly reveals that Helen Mirren's mother wore nothing but scent - I'm even more impressed by what a level-headed creature Mirren junior appears to have grown up to be:

Help with The Mortgage

I suppose at least you could be certain of a steady income stream:

If They Can't Spell, God Help The Rest of Us

Lawyers are supposed to be cleverer than the rest of us, aren't they?