Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mobile Mistakes

I've had intermittent access to the internet, as well as intermittent access to newspapers, and as a result I've been rather absent from Absent Proof of late. Here are some errors I've picked up over the last two days though, having shelled out 3 euros and 60 euro-centimes for each newspaper (a Guardian and a British Daily Telegraph), which is about 5 dollars Australian per newspaper. At that price, they should be silver plated, and they definitely should not contain any errors. Fat chance.

1. ' Atlanta'?

 2. The article's heading was 'Global Weirding', but I don't think it was supposed to refer to the grammar it contained ('the blame is being out on', 'Queeeensland' twice):

3. 'complaints of' what 'about smell':
 4. If the doctors are as hopeless as the sub-editors, it's not surprising negligence claims are rising in the NHS ('payments are rising because are "high value"'?)


  1. Grammatically, "living Atlanta" is as plausible as "going Hollywood". It has been almost 25 years since I've been there, so I'm not sure what "living Atlanta" would consist of. Onion rings at the Varsity Grill, drinks in Buckhead, and every 4th of the July the Peachtree 10K?

  2. What on earth is the Peachtree 10K (and what is it about Auden's poetry that you could possibly not love?)

  3. There is a 10 kilometer road race in Atlanta every July 4th (when they are more or less guaranteed brutally not weather; I guess they couldn't find memorable dates in August). About the first 8 kilometers of the course is along Peachtree Road.

    Auden would be a long story. Some of his poems I think overdone for effect, some I think fine exercises, some absurd (as on the death of Yeats).

  4. You're a tough critic, George