Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bring Back Boris

I'm sure I never saw mistakes in the Spectator when Boris Johnson was editing the magazine:

1. The phrase is 'bored out of your mind:
2. '...shouldn't this girl, trying to concentrate on more practical, realisable issues', do what?
3. Things so worse are that word order has gone awry:


  1. These are all from the Spectator? It's hard to believe. Mr Rintoul would be turning in his grave.

    I suspect on-screen editing causes many of these problems. I'm sure everyone has changed word order on-screen and not cleaned up properly afterwards.

    That where new eyes on a piece, and not just a computerised spelling check, would obviate these errors. If no humans are going to be employed to go over copy, surely a grammar checking program would at least query some of the expression above.

    Copy and paste has a lot to answer for!

  2. AGH! Where's a sub-editor?

    For "That where...." read "That's where...."

    I think I just proved my point. I really thought I had checked that all carefully!

  3. Everything you say makes perfect sense, and yet managers remove the second pair of eyes at every turn (if that makes any sense - I rather like the insane image it creates, even if it doesn't)