Friday, 21 September 2012

AFR Illiteracy

From a brief flick through one edition of the Australian Financial Review this week the following emerged:

1.'if wins the election'??
The commas round 'from time to time' are odd as well.

2. If the price of iron ore fell to US$1.20, we really would be in trouble.

3. The truth is, if the iron ore price fell to US$1.20, we really might want to CUE the violins.

4. Let's hope that the ups really are multiple and that there is only a singular down (or none at all, ideally).

5. Maybe Romney does speak ungrammatically - or maybe this is sloppily edited.

6. Shouldn't the arrangements be plural?

7. Shouldn't 'half a percentage point' be singular?

8. 'The' NSW?

9. Yes, put the impact in a box and close the lid.

10. Some of whose expansion plans?

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