Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I Wish They Would

Perhaps this isn't even a mistake; perhaps Cate Blanchett meant 'take risks'. My suspicion though is that she was referring to 'the canon'. After seeing some of the efforts of her husband, plus his mates Benedict Andrews, (The Maids, shudder), and Simon Stone, (The Cherry Orchard, gnash teeth, and Hamlet, how dare he, jumped up, little - but enough said), I wish the whole lot of them would throw themselves at a cannon - or take a running jump from the Sydney Harbour Bridge (not that you could take a running jump, I suppose):


  1. Throwing oneself at the canon brings to mind nothing in particular unless maybe Heloise.

    At a cannon? I have read a fair bit of military history, but don't remember the phrase. Nor do I see how vibrancy can be all about either one. Perhaps she had a whiff of the grape?

    1. Vibrancy, what is it, do we need it? I think not.