Friday, 24 December 2010

Comma Alert - Janet Albrechtsen, Australian, 22nd December, 2010

Attempts to regulate refugee flows with saccharine one-liners are never going to work. A comma before 'with' would help, although recasting the sentence to read, 'So the prima donnas who use saccharine one-liners about the immutable rights of man to damn parliamentary or executive attempts to regulate refugee flows are practising one heck of a deception' would be a better solution.


  1. Perhaps she was in 'rant mode', in which commas are anathema!

  2. I like your rewrite better...the commas would just make the awkwardness slightly less awkward.

  3. Gadjo - I think she is always - or mostly - in rant mode.
    Whispering - I like my rewrite better too (but then I suppose I would).