Monday, 18 April 2011

Cleaning Up

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that 'career women' enjoy doing housework - or, at least, they prefer doing it themselves to finding that their silk clothes have been washed at 60 degrees, along with their husband's jeans. Ironing, however, is not very popular:
 If they could find some 'else', (or Elise, or Eileen, or Eleanor - or, indeed, anyone, presumably), 18 per cent would give ironing the flick, (this surprises me). Meanwhile, 70 per cent of 'high achieving' women rely on a dishwasher - whether for ironing, love or general moral support the article does not say.


  1. It's getting that way to the extent I EXPECT bloopers in everything I read! My eyes pick out anything, even in articles I'm not consciously reading. Helllp!! The next worst thing is when people write to simulate screaming [like helllp] and they do it to the wrong part of the word: "I haaatteeee my brother!". Sheesh!

  2. I don't think that's the next worst thing - I think it's just one of the terrible effects of all this careless editing. It drives you to tear out your hair and write hysterically and even use exclamation marks when normally you are quite restrained!