Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Massive Clearance

Lately, I have been collecting things from the newspapers for this blog and then running out of time to put them up, so now I'm sorting out my pictures file and tossing everything into one enormous post - what might be called a steaming heap of illiteracy:
 1. Naked flight attendants, woo hoo:
2. Leaving aside that horrid 'impacted', the use of 'less' with emissions is almost forgivable, because the editor was probably imagining a cloud of smelly gases, rather than a number of clearly defined items, but it is still wrong:
3.The Greens are rarely 'complimentary', but it's nice to see they're trying to get on with people at last:
4. 'The' theory of what? Surely just 'theory' would do here:
5. 'a her'?

6. 'Exult the culture'?
7. The article is about the misappropriation of 'headlines', rather than mini-chief executives or baby marijhuana smokers:
8. An apostrophe is needed on 'independents'
9. Why does Mr Rudd gets his own definite article now:

10. Leichhardt has a 'd' in it:

11. 'Cloud' or 'clout' - make up your mind:

12. Growing out of your brain sounds uncomfortable:

13. 'Is Labor playing politics?' or 'Labor is playing politics' - you can't have a bob each way:
14. What is 'rduse':
15.No, 'what become two decades on service' is not good English:
16. I think the problem for the Yule family is that they will be parting with their hard-earned pounds during their three-week holiday and departing with no hard-earned pounds at the end of the holiday:

17. 'The Australian conference agenda reflects the new approach THAT has been taking place elsewhere' - and isn't it the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (or is this some other body):

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