Monday, 2 May 2011

My Enemy's Enemy

Thank you to @drng for this and this. Yes, I know people are working under pressure, rushing to meet deadlines, but the essence of their job is to get it right .


  1. I'm sure you've seen that Fairfax are planning to outsource their subbing. Tragic! For all their faults, subs give a paper a certain kind of vibe, the je ne sais quoi. They write the headlines, do the layout, and they're familiar with local issues. It's hard to imagine how it will play out, using a service that may be based in another city, made up of people who aren't part of the culture of the organisation.

  2. I agree. Mind you, I think they have already been outsourcing a bit, by the looks of things.

  3. Hell in a handbasket, I tells ya! (Thinking of changing my name to Helena Handbasket.)