Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Guardian

I'm in Hungary and the Guardian costs 680 HUF over here. At that price, I feel I should be getting a flawless paper, but it is, of course, the Guardian, which means it's actually overflowing with silly errors. The question is, should I include the ones I notice in this blog or do Guardian errors just exist, like sun and rain and clouds? Are they worth pointing out or is the Guardian simply a lost cause?


  1. One might well put (pictures of) sun and rain and clouds on a blog, so let's be having the Guardian errors! (You could probably even 'improve' them if they're not funny enough - this was always a staple of British comedy programmes in the 70s and 80s.)

  2. Oh goodie - all I wanted was a tiny speck of encouragement and you've supplied it, Mr Dilo, so thanks v much. Have you seen Dumneazu on Maramures by the way? Lovely post.