Friday, 16 September 2011

One Day

I loved the novel One Day but it was a touch and go thing at the start. The sloppy editing almost made me throw the book across the room, although in the end David Nicholls's excellent writing won out.

1. My biggest bugbear was the idiotic and repeated  misuse of the word 'onto':
a. were they planning to climb on the roof of the pub:

 b. was he planning to lie on a map of India:
c.  'I can rely onto' - hmm, sounds just that bit too clingy:

2. Then there was the editorial decision to replace 'all right' with 'alright', (but this I know is a losing battle; alright is winning, but I still think it's wrong):

3. There were also the irritating departures from grammar as we know it:

a. 'everyone seem to know':

b.  "Yes, that's that what I meant":

4. Finally, there was the parenthetic dash that was left dangling, left permanently without its partner:

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