Friday, 7 January 2011

Sorry to be Unsympathic But This is Pathic (Almost Bathic)

Look, Sydney Morning Herald, if you need a dictionary, just buy one. 'Empathy' is not part of the family that includes 'telepathy'; it is part of the family that includes 'sympathy'. As such, it forms the adjective 'empathetic', not the one you've invented:

(Incidentally, regarding the subject matter of that article, you might want to check your facts while you're at it. I'm not in my 60s, but there are plenty of people in my family who are, and I can't say there's much sign of any kind of age-related sweetness-and-light onset as far as they are concerned, more's the pity.)


  1. Two good points made, but use of one my favourite words ('bathos') pleases me even more. Maybe the author intended to use the word 'emphatic': old people being, so you suggest, better known for their increasingly trenchant views than for their enhanced consciousness.

  2. Emphatic, how clever you are.