Monday, 21 March 2011

Second Opinion

Someone I know was thinking of applying for a creative writing course at Glasgow University and asked me what I thought. Leaving aside the question of whether creative writing courses are useful, I couldn't help wondering about a course run by people who can't copy edit their own site (or am I showing my ignorance; is 'strucured' the Gaelic for 'structured'?:


  1. It probably is the Gaelic for a commonplace English word - Siobhán is pronounced 'Shevorn', after all.

  2. I always think Blackfriars Bridge should really be pronounced 'Blaffers Bridge', for the sheer pleasure of perversity.

  3. Absolutely. As with aristocratic English names: Cholmondley = 'Chumley' and Featherstonehaugh = 'Fanshaw' :-)