Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Australian Illiterate Review

I have only read four of the articles in the latest issue of the Australian Literary Review, but already I have been dismayed by the number of basic proofing errors. The publication cannot take refuge in the excuse that it has to be prepared in an enormous rush - it only comes out once a month.

As well as the one featured yesterday, there was another typo in the editorial:


Then came an article whose introductory line seemed to me to indicate that it was about how Britain was saved from Europe's excesses by abandoning Australia:

 Replacing 'it' by 'us' might have given readers a clearer indication of the article's contents (which were very interesting.)

Once again, the journal seemed to have trouble with the word 'century' - this time in a review of a couple of books of Australian social history:

By the final article, it had thrown all shame to the winds:
'Its stirring stuff', indeed.

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