Saturday, 12 February 2011

Don't Waste Your Cash

If you are going to set up in business as a proofreading service, it is a good idea not to include sentences like these on the home page of your site: 

"Certainly errors will have gone unnoticed, or even inserted since your last check."

("even inserted" - "even been inserted", surely?)

"Never assume that because it was correct on the Word document when you last saw it that it will be correct when laid out in the design."

(too many "that"s in that.)

 The people in charge might like to have a long, hard think about commas too.


  1. Surely, yes. And I do hope - everything happening in cycles and all that - that we'll return sometime soon to the more fulsome use of commas favoured by Dickens et al., and, indeed, to a slower, more gentle pace of life.