Sunday, 27 February 2011


I wonder if I am missing a very clever play on words here. It seems to me that the 'too' in this headline to a letter in the London Review of Books ought to be a 'to':

Could they really have made such a silly mistake?


  1. Interesting. In an annoying sort of a way. Like you, I suspect, I'm trying to parse this using the assumption that this spelling was intentional. OK, 'too' is an adverb that modifies an adlective; 'leak' as an adjective is presumably derived from either 1) 'leak' the noun or 2) 'leak' the verb. Ok, now I'm winging it. 1: adjectives derived from nouns usually mmodify oher nouns - e.g. he's a real 'party' animal - which is not the case here. 2: adjectives derived from verbs generally require an inflection - e.g. 'leaked' or 'leaking'. Nope. The writer is clearly Borat.

  2. The trouble is, Borat seems to get around so much these days - perhaps he has set up a free-lance copy editing service for all the world's newspapers and magazines.