Friday, 26 November 2010

Australian Financial Review, 25th November, 2010

The curse of the subs hits another female journalist - Laura Tingle this time, and she wasn't even trying to be funny (can she be; has it ever been known?)

"Their confidence would help boost the case the government must make the win back", indeed.


  1. Clearly, the Microsoft Word Spelling and Grammar Checker can parse what no human alive can - I feel rather humbled!

  2. Huh? Didn't quite follow that, Gadjo.

  3. I was trying to be ironic. I meant that there may be an acceptable grammatical parse of that sentence - only in theory, it being nonsense semantically - but that I and all my fellow human beings are too dull-witted and entrenched in our knowledge of English As She Is Spoke to spot it.