Sunday, 7 November 2010

I Feel Let Down

The Australian Literary Review is reasonably well-funded; it is certainly not a backyard, produced-on-a-shoestring kind of publication (unlike me, I hastily insert, providing myself with a defence for the inevitable day when I stuff up completely). In fact, I suspect the ALR sees itself as a pillar of Australian intellectual life. If so, it needs to get a lot more beady-eyed about its copy editing, in my view.

Possibly the error in the bit of text pictured here - surely it's either 'either ... or' or 'neither ... nor' - is the work of Random House, rather than ALR staff:

but there is no excuse for not picking up the word 'heis' in the piece below:

and why have a sentence without a verb, when you could have a semi-colon (in which case it would read thus: "It's good, but not brilliant; interesting, but not compelling"):

and why mar a beautifully written review by putting the author's words - "be might" - around the wrong way?

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