Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hip-Hip Hurray

Is that three cheers and hip hip hurray from the Australian newspaper for Jay Z, or is the caption referring to a Swinging Blue Jeans revival (incidentally, was the Hippy Hippy Shake the most excruciating song name ever conceived?) Of course, I am very old, so I may be demonstrating my ignorance. Possibly Jay Z is no longer a hip hopper but a hip hipper:

Anyway, even if I am demonstrating the fact that I am the one who is out of touch with 'young people's' music,  elsewhere in the paper Cup Fever certainly hit today. That must be why they left out a lot of little words, like 'of' between 'lot' and 'steps' in this example:

I imagine they were listening to old Davy Jones of the Monkees tracks when this 'believer' slipped in, in place of 'believe' (and, if they were, it might explain the hip hip/hip hop incident)

The problem for me is not so much that I care about what Jay Z is doing or what the author of Defrag has to say, so much as that I paid $1.50 for my copy of the newspaper and I would prefer to have well-written, well-edited articles than a bonus 'so much' in exchange for my money:

P.S Heaven alone knows what the first sentence in this article means either:

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