Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sydney Morning Herald, 9th November, 2010

What is worse than a sub who doesn't check? A sub who does check but doesn't know anything - presumably someone looked up Prussia in the atlas and couldn't find it and therefore decided it didn't exist and never had:


  1. Hi

    I've just come over from Still Life with Cat where the misuse of the apostrophe was being discussed.

    My contribution - from The New York Review of Books (no less),

    'the series's creators'.



  2. Pants - very inelegant (although not actually wrong, surely? I can imagine some nervous inexperienced copy editor scrambling their brains trying to decide if that "'s" was necessary - and the journal might even have a style book that told him it was and he might have just endured a scalding from a senior copy editor who regularly yells at the juniors that they should !@#$%*ing follow the @#$%(*ing style book as if it were the @#$%*^)$(@ing Bible.)

  3. :-) I guess it's a failure of style rather than of logic. (I used to spell the possessive pronoun "its" with an apostrophe because it's the genitive, innit.)

  4. Where did you put the apostrophe?